Ever since its establishment, XINGXITE has been dedicated itself to the research and development of PET bottle, perform and cap, as well as the fabrication of correspondent blow moulds, preform moulds and cap moulds. XINGXITE also supplies conversion and optimized project solutions on production line of PET preform, cap and bottle according to customers’ needs. Our products are widely used in beverage, food, edible oil, condiment, cosmetic, toiletry products and pharmaceuticals industries.
China industry top
Cosmetic bottle preform mold is my specialty. The colored bottle design, to improve the cosmetic bottle without color, without scar, the preform weight is accurate, the bottle products more perfect, beautiful appearance;

Technical specialty
- Employ internationally advanced double taper locking technology, ensure the life of mould.
- Providing valve gate system which similar as MHT & Husky;
- Excellent hor runner design assures blanced flow rate and no dead space;

High quality steel

- the mold cavity injection, injection core choose Sweden original preheating process of die steel

for quality manufacturing.

- thread mouth made according to international standards, material chooses import nitride steel, high hardness, long service life.

- die life assurance mode more than once in 2


High quality product
- The shape of preforms are designed with CAD to optimize bottle weights;
- Tolerance of thickness less than ±0.05mm;
- The weight tolerance less than 0.3g;
- Low crystallization at the gate of preform;

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