The company has more than 30 world-advanced mold manufacturing equipment; at the same time, it has established advanced CAD/CAE/CAM systems and ERP management systems to realize information resource sharing and high-speed transmission within the company. It greatly improves the integration process of mold design and processing, and provides a strong guarantee for various high-precision molds.

Design & development


Good molds come from good design. We have a group of design teams with rich experience to create high-quality products for customers with the help of mature technical software.

Relying on all kinds of imported advanced equipment, scientific process and engineers with years of experience, we have the ability to do every detail. We are committed to developing high-precision, high-quality, and fast-delivery molds.

Technical testing


The company has a strict quality management system and system; monthly special training and improvement on quality defects and other issues are regularly organized; the company’s QC team supervises each process of mold production throughout the process